Standard Sitdown Plexi | 8Liner/ Cherry Master


Standard Sitdown Plexi | 8Liner/Cherry Master

  • Precision Cut on a CNC
  • Graphics Printing Available
  • Lamination, Apllication & Installation Available
  • Game Board Graphics Available
  • Custom Graphics Available
  • Ads Presence to the Cabinet & Game Rooms
  • Designed for Back lighting (available on most cabinets)


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Full Description

Standard Sitdown Plexi | 8Liner/ Cherry Master

So you have the Standard SitdownCabinet, you have the game-boards, you have the bill acceptors and now you’re ready to breathe life into your 8 liner, skill game machine, sweepstakes or your entire game room. This Plexi fits your Standard Sitdown Cabinet and will do just that. You can order plexi’s that promote the game offered, the type of game or even send us your custom graphic to apply to the plexis. If you don’t have a custom graphic and want one, contact us and we can have one created specifically to you in our graphics department. 8Line Shop has everything you need to make your 8 Liner Cherry Master Machines come to life.

Product Specifications

This Plexi is designed to fit the Standard Sitdown Cabinets.

Height 4.75" x Length 19.5"

Custom graphic options available.

Add a game board.

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954.920.6460 / 800.564.4735