Sweepstakes Marquee Cabinet


Upright-Mini Marquee Cherry Master Cabinet

  • 19" High-Definition Display
  • Durable Molded Armrest & Stainless Steel Cup-Holder
  • Illuminated Header with Custom Plexiglass Art
  • Illuminated Printer and Bill-Acceptor Bezels
  • Universal Custom Harness
  • High Security JCM DBV
  • 200 Watt Power Supply with Cooling Fan
  • Software & Turn-Key Packages Available
  • Please Call For More Details & More Customizations

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Full Description

Upright-Mini Marquee Cherry Master Cabinet

This Upright-Mini Marquee Cherry Master Cabinet features a sleek, trim design that accommodates both aesthetics and limited space. Double them up, line them up or create a carousel, the more you add the better they look... This is the perfect 8line cherrymaster cabinet. Our Standard Upright-Mini Chery Master 8line Cabinets are manufactured right here with a 19" high-definition display, durable molded armrest with stainless steel cup-holder, illuminated header with custom plexiglass art, universal custom harness and more. This cabinet can be customized even further to fit your need and the list is long. Make this cherry master part of your business and have a plexi created featuring your logo. Call us now to find out all the options and how we can tailor this cabinet specifically for you. 8Line Shop'sUpright-Mini Marquee Cabinet is a great addition to any game-room. Multiple Cabinet Purchase discounts may apply. Please call for more info.

Additions & Modifications

• Game boards - Add a game board
• Printers: Ticket or Thermal Printers
• Bill Acceptor
• Standard or Touch Screen Display
• Custom Plexi Art work
• Cherry Master Wiring Harness

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954.920.6460 / 800.564.4735