Various Plexi's | 8Liner / Cherry Master


Various Plexi's | 8Liner / Cherry Master

  • Precision Cut on a CNC
  • Graphics Printing Available
  • Lamination, Apllication & Installation Available
  • Game Board Graphics Available
  • Custom Graphics Available
  • Backlit by the topper


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Full Description

Various Plexi's | 8Liner / Cherry Master

So you have some 8 liner cabinets, a few sweepstakes cabinets and some skill game cabinetst and a couple different size toppers and you need Plexi's that fit these multiple different vatiations. 8Line Shop has you covered with multiple different size plexis ready to go for many common sizes. If you don't see it here, 8Line Shop can make it for you on the CNC (Accurate & Precise). Just send the dimensions when you order. You can order plexi’s that promote the game offered, the type of game or even send us your custom graphic to apply to the plexis. If you don’t have a custom graphic and want one, contact us and we can have one created specifically to you in our graphics department. 8Line Shop has everything you need to make your 8 Liner Cherry Master Machines come to life.

Product Specifications

Large Oval Topper

Height 9" x Length 15"

Side Plexi

Height 13.25" x Length 6.25"

Half Round

Height 10.5" x Length 18.75"

Custom Plexi's

Plexi's custom made to fit any cabinet|. Send 8Line Shop the size you need.

Custom graphic options available.

Add a game board.

More Photos of the Topper Plexi | 8Liner/Cherry Master



954.920.6460 / 800.564.4735